Broadening one’s horizons & (woah – a post!?!)

Yes, yes, I know its been a LOOONG time since I last wrote something. I’m sure the three people reading this are disappointed. But, as an apology, I’ve decided to try something a little different.Instead of this being just a site for me to rant about business opportunities… I’m going to usurp it into my regular life. Soon, you’ll see random posts about life unfolding in front of my eyes. Perhaps a piece on living in the London suburbs without a car, online dating or just more geek commentary. Stay tuned… I’m hoping it will get more interesting.Another “New Year’s resolution” is to share more photos. I’ve finally figured out how to manage my photos locally on my desktop & simply share them online (more on that later)… but for now, don’t miss the exciting, 12 images I uploaded today to Flickr.As always, more soon.

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