Being anonymous

I cherish my freedom… and for that, I’m very fortunate to NOT be a celebrity.

I went to see a West End show tonight (In Celebration … to be commented on at a later date) and on my way out of the theatre, I was temporarily surprised by about five paparazzi shooting their cameras at me. After a moment of disbelief, I realized a celebrity (who I didn’t recognize) was standing right behind me, coming out of the theatre. As he crossed the street, the absolutely disrespect cameramen where all over him. At one point, a photographer put his camera about 1 inch from his face and took a picture, lighting up the dim street with his intense flash! All the while, whoever this celebrity was showed an amazing amount of restraint. I would have decked the photographer… or at the very least instructed the 6" 6’ HUGE bodyguard/driver in my employment to do it for me.

I cannot imagine living a life running from these parasites. After the show, I didn’t want to immediately return home. I noodled on the show’s themes while anonymously walking around central London. In fact, I walked from Covent Garden to Hyde Park Corner (45 minutes) and no one noticed me; no one bothered me; no one photographed me. Its the way I want to enjoy my city.

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