Authentic Mexican in London? Tell me its true!

WahacaCovent Garden – 66 Chandos Place, London

The one cuisine that just can’t be done right in London is Mexican. Trust me when I say I’ve tried as many of the eateries as I can find. Therefore, when one comes along promising authentic Mexican cuisine, I took notice.

Now, the name should definitely turn you off. Since all the food comes from Oaxaca, a state in Mexico – you’d expect the restaurant to give it a bit of credit. After all, trying to say a name that is difficult to pronounce might lead to all kinds of buzz…

But, the highlight is supposed to be the food. I’d say is decidedly ordinary for Mexican fare… nothing offensive, nothing extraordinary. Well balanced to appeal to taste buds not ready for the powerful flavors of real Mexican cuisine.

Judging from the fact that it was absolutely packed at lunch and apparently impossible to get into at night – I’d say the English are ready for real Mexican.

In the meantime, sad but true – Wahaca is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town.

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