Why is Hollywood so retarded?

I really want to buy portable, digital video content, I really do.

I spend a lot of time on airplanes and trains. Sometimes I feel like working, sometimes I feel like reading… and other times, I feel like watching TV shows and movies.

I’m happy to legally download TV shows with commercials if they are free and pay a small sum if they have no commericials. As for movies, I want to “rent” them to watch probably once. However, I have requirements. I’d like to watch TV shows on my computer or Sony PSP (which I carry around primarily for watching videos.)

Of course, no one can fulfill my desire. The latest death blow comes from Amazon Unbox. I was pretty excited about the prospect of renting movies and watching them on my computer while traveling. However, on the first piece of content I attempted to download, I received the following error message… “You are not authorized to download this video from your current location. Due to licensing restrictions, Amazon Unbox videos can only be downloaded to computers in the US.”


iTunes does allow one to download American TV shows from outside the United States, if the user proves their American residency by having, (1) an American credit card, and (2) an American address. Why doesn’t Amazon do the same?

I won’t even get into the whole issue of being able to move the content to the portable video players of choice. For the record – I do watch TV shows and movies on my computer & handheld device. I just wish I could pay someone to make it easier for me.


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