Have you tried “make the coffee better?”

Starbucks disappointed Wall Street with lower than expected same store sales. Basically, the combination of the economy slowing and the rapid expansion of their footprint has slowed down growth. They are going to counter this with a national ad campaign.

How about this? – MAKE THE COFFEE BETTER. In the past five years, Starbucks coffee has gone down hill. Yeah, they go through the motions of making espresso, but most of the baristas don’t know a Macchiato from a Cappuccino because they are so focused on selling everyone high calorie, sweet drinks that have as much to do with coffee as a McDonald’s hamburger has to do with a cow.

I’ll go to a Starbucks in Sioux City, Iowa – cause it sure beats the corner donut shop, but when in New York, London, San Francisco or anywhere else there is a coffee culture – Starbucks is at the bottom of the list.

An advertising campaign can’t change that.

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