First Impressions

I’ve fallen in love with my computer, again.

The Mac is fast, quiet and beautiful. And, EVERYTHING works. On the Mac side of things, all the applications that I’ve been using on my desktop computer work beautifully and much faster on this Intel based laptop. Even Entourage works great! Surprise, surprise.

On the Windows side, VMWare saves the day! All the Windows applications I need to run, continue to work. This includes all the programs that require hardware devices (NeatReceipts, Cardscan, Logitech IO2) … and other work software. Also, VMWare Fusion’s Unity feature is fantastic as I no longer need to even see the Windows desktop!

Do I have gripes… a few minor ones.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for the Mac doesn’t use the same photo organizer that the Windows version does. In my mind, this is the best photo organizer available. I might have to migrate to iPhoto, though I’m not super excited about that. Hopefully something will come out shortly to solve this dilemma.

Also, the resolution on this system, 1440×900 is exactly the same as my old computer… but with the larger screen, and the Mac eye-candy features taking up more real estate, everything looks so much bigger. I feel like my old computer has more screen real estate. Mac OSX features like Expose and Spaces make this tolerable… but I miss the ability to a browser and email client open side by side.

First impressions suggest I’m going to become one of those Mac zealots we all know…


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