Back to Blogging?

I know, I know… You have seen me type this before. This time I’m gonna really try!

I’m up and running on a new technology platform – Tumblr. But first, a bit of history. The first blog was hosted on a Moveable Type server running under my desk. The second blog, a WordPress instance, was running on shared hosting service. It was nice to have full control of everything, but the maintenance killed me and the blogs too!

The original one died when my server went into storage for a year or more. It had been invaded by comment spam and was a train wreck. The second one was going well, until it became a cesspool of malware. (Google has been bugging me to shut it down for over a year.)

Why did I always want to run my blog server? It was for the shiny objects, of course. I spend days configuring “moblog” support (anyone remember what that was? mo-bile blogging, duh?) on my first blog so I could make photos on my phone and put them up on the blog immediately. I recall needing to write a bunch of scripts for that. Or, in 2007, when I hand wired a Facebook integration to automatically post new entries on my Facebook page.

Well, Tumblr has all that for free, integrated and working. The hardest thing to do here was choose the theme!

Which brings me to the theme of this blog – insights. Since I have been involved in technology, I have had insights (such as, the importance of mobile blogging) and other things. I hope this becomes a journal to those insights… instead of them just living in my head. 

Let’s see how it proceeds!

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