Re: Apple iPhone SDK, Why has everyone missed this?

I have to say I’m damn impressed with the iPhone SDK PRESS EVENT. Yes folks, before we start hyperventilating about how this SDK will change the trajectory of computing devices for the next two decades… let’s not forget this is a 1.0 effort, has significant limitations (no multitasking, really?) and was only a PRESS EVENT.Nonetheless, … Continue reading Re: Apple iPhone SDK, Why has everyone missed this?

Have you tried “make the coffee better?”

Starbucks disappointed Wall Street with lower than expected same store sales. Basically, the combination of the economy slowing and the rapid expansion of their footprint has slowed down growth. They are going to counter this with a national ad campaign.How about this? – MAKE THE COFFEE BETTER. In the past five years, Starbucks coffee has … Continue reading Have you tried “make the coffee better?”

Google doesn’t get networking? Huh?

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an excellent article pontificating on Google’s plan for the Wireless spectrum auction in the United States. I highly recommend the article if you are a WSJ subscriber.In readin the article, I’ve lost all respect for ABI Research’s Nadine Manjaro. The last paragraph of the article states,ABI Research senior analyst Nadine … Continue reading Google doesn’t get networking? Huh?

Google Android and why I think it will succeed

Over the course of the last two days, I’ve now had three conversations with very smart people about Google’s launch into the mobile phone market with Android. As I’ve disagreed with all three of them, I’ve decided to write up my reasons for being so bullish about it.I think the mobile telephone market is at … Continue reading Google Android and why I think it will succeed

Understanding Google (the endless entry)

Google is always in the news and hence many business journalists are writing stories about them. I always enjoy reading the Google business story where the journalist applies traditional business logic to Google, when, in fact, much of what Google does is non-traditional and impossible to understand – even for them.Let me give you an … Continue reading Understanding Google (the endless entry)