Apple buzz and the oceans

I’m very much enjoying the launch of the iPhone here in Europe today. In the UK, the phones go on sale at 6:02p, as O2 is the official carrier of the device.

However, its really disappointing to see how little buzz the phone has generated in the popular media. There has been very little press coverage and unless you are a geek – you don’t know what it is. Compare that with the US, even my parents had heard of the device. I’m pretty disappointed with how little Apple and its partners have done to market it. Perhaps Apple was hoping that buzz would carry it into the arms of consumers, like it did in America. Well… if that was the hope, it doesn’t appear to have worked.

Of course, the iPhone doesn’t have to fly off shelves in its first day to be a success. I’m really excited to see how well it does outside the United States as I’m clearly pinning my hopes of better mobile phone technology on it.

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